Frequently Asked Questions

Making It Easier

Looking for the right assistance can be a daunting task.  It’s important to us that all your questions are answered.   We’ve answered some of the more common questions are clients have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday is different and so should the services be that support you. These are the many things our team can assist with.

Will someone come for an initial consultation?

We recommend an initial consultation, although it’s not a must. It is often the smoothest way to start a service because it let’s the client and family voice any concerns or ask any questions they might have. It also helps us to match the right caregiver with the client’s needs and personality. It also gives us the opportunity to make sure the environment is safe for everyone, and to recommend any necessary equipment, should any be needed.

Will It be the same caregiver each visit and will it be a set time?

We recognize that care is a very personal thing. That the consistency and continuity of your care means everything. We know that the first visit with anyone new is never as good as when you know them and your care happens naturally. We discuss at the start of care how we will approach the set up of services and the timing. Our clients always have a primary caregiver. However, we always like to train a back-up caregiver so that if your caregiver is ever sick you know another caregiver.

What if I’m not happy with my caregiver?

Just call us and let us know things are not working out. We will make an immediate change to your caregiver. While we try very hard to ensure that your caregiver is a good match for you, we understand that sometimes personalities clash. We will have another caregiver come to visit. We never judge, and will do this until you have the right match. Our goal is to always ensure our clients happiness, and having a bond with your caregiver is a top priority.

What if I need to suspend care for a while?

Since you determine the days you require service, taking time off is never an issue. You are not billed for service not taken, or penalized for suspending care. We only ask that you let us know by 2 pm one business day before in order that the caregiver doesn’t lose work last minute.

What if my Selectacare caregiver is ill or away?

We will always consult you first in case you would prefer not to meet someone new. However, all prior booked services are guaranteed, and if your caregiver is away, we will always have someone there. With most of our clients, we like to have someone trained as a back up caregiver in case of an emergency. This way they are already familiar with the routine and you are not feeling like a stranger is in your home. We want you to always be comfortable with your caregiver, so having a back-up come in every so often to do care is sometimes an ideal situation.

Are your caregiver’s employees of the company or independent contractors?

All of our staff are employee’s. We want them to focus on one thing only and that’s doing great care.

What happens if my needs change?

You direct your care. At the initial visit we will discuss how our services might best assist you. We pride ourselves in regularly updating our careplans with your caregiver. We love to visit and it’s a great way to discuss any changes or concerns. We also suggest that you always call the office with any changes as it is important that we keep our files up to date. Our goal is to provide the best care possible by communicating with you and your caregiver so that as your needs change we change services to meet those needs.

How are emergencies handled outside normal business hours?

In case of any emergencies to our clients or caregivers we have an after hours urgent response line. Our urgent response line is available for any prescheduled services.  We are available after hours so that you can always reach one of our staff in an urgent situation.

How does the agency hire and train staff?

Hiring and training our staff is one of the most important parts in building our team. We hire directly and don’t use third parties or screening agencies to make the process easier. We train on a one to one basis because we believe that is the best way to get to know a caregiver and for them to get to know us. If we need to introduce a new caregiver to a client then we believe that having a caregiver shadow the current caregiver is the best way to train because it eases the burden a client feels when meeting someone new.

Are your employee’s covered by Worker’s Comprehension, bonded and insured?

All of our staff are employees and are covered by WSIB. They are bonded and insured. It’s important that when you have care you are protected.

What type of screening is done?

All of our staff have vulnerable sector police check at time of hire, up to date immunizations as well as WHMIS and their Personal Support Worker Certificate or it’s equivalent.