The role of Home Care in post-hospitalization recovery

When a patient is discharged from hospital it does not necessarily mean that they are well enough to continue life as normal, or that they do not require further treatment and care. Once a hospital episode is over, many patients back in their own homes will often require further assistance on their road to recovery and independence. Often the case, families of patients coming out of hospital are not prepared for the level of care and support needed for their loved ones.

Post hospital care that is available is often inadequate, and government funding and support can be difficult to access. This leaves family members to pick up the burden of being caregivers. At times, family caregiving can be all consuming, often making it difficult for individuals to juggle their care commitments with activities in their own lives. This can not only jeopardize the health and recovery of a patient, but that of the carer too. This is where home care companies and their specialized home care and support services can step in and help.

Where Home Care companies can help

Home care companies specialize in bringing care and support to patients in their own place of residence – be that at home, retirement place, even in hospital locations too. Their teams of fully trained and experienced caregivers can provide extensive care and support activities. These include assistance with personal grooming and hygiene, light housekeeping duties, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. In many circumstances they also provide much needed companionship as part of their work.

The services home care companies provide are not just available for those just out of hospital. Home care services are widely used across by people across Canada for chronic illness management, respite care, senior and elder care, rehabilitation and physical therapy and end of life care, for example. The services home care companies provide to individuals often run in tandem with services provided by other medical and health professionals.

Home care companies do charge for the care services that they provide, which can be met through payment plans and sometimes insurance or government support. Home care services can be provided at whatever level is required by the patient post-hospitalization. It is normal practice for home care companies to assess the care needs of each individual and then prepare a tailormade care plan for that individual.

Home care services benefit patients

Naturally, after being in hospital receiving care and support services at home can greatly benefit patients and assist them in their recovery process. Being in familiar and comfortable surroundings helps reduce stress and anxiety, which can in turn can improve mental well-being. Having care and support at home also contributes to patients being able to retain their much-valued independence.

Receiving regular care and support at home from a home care company means that the patient is kept a close eye on by the carers it provides. This means that any lapses in the patient’s health or any other complications in recovery can be quickly identified. In effect, where home care services regularly see patients, this can help prevent the risk of those patients being readmitted to hospital.

To summarize…

In summary, home care services provide an invaluable service to patients that are being discharged from hospital and who need additional care and support to recover. Receiving home care services can also compliment the other nursing and medical services that patients require in their home after hospital. Home care can assist in making post-hospitalization recovery successful and improve the overall healthcare experience for patients.

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