Top reasons for Home Care services for older adults

It is not surprising that aging family members want to stay in their own homes and live independently for as long as they can. Familiarity, comfort, and security are all huge factors in providing quality of life, maintaining happiness and good mental health. But what happens if an elderly family member gets ill and then needs care and support in their home? Who is going to do that?

Often a family member or friend will step in to help with home elder care, but after a while the commitment of being a caregiver can become too much. In situations like this, for older adults that still want to remain living in their own home other options will need to be considered. This is where perhaps a combination of both caregiving and using the services of a home care company can help.

Below we look at some of the top reasons why a home care company that offers elder care services should be considered, and the benefits to be had…

Help maintain independence

Alleviating some of the stress of being a caregiver by allowing external home care services to help, means that aging family members can still maintain their independence and remain in at home. Receiving home care in the comfort and familiarity of their own environment, can contribute to an elderly person’s well-being. It also allows them to continue enjoying their own daily routines.

Help with personal care

Elderly people often feel to embarrassed to ask family caregivers for help in maintaining their own personal hygiene and care and would prefer someone else to assist them. Carers from a senior care company are fully trained and experienced in providing this type of care. They can respectfully assist with toileting, oral hygiene, bathing, dressing, and grooming tasks, always helping to maintain the dignity of the elderly person.

Help with mobility

Aging family members with mobility issues will require assistance in getting out of bed, walking around, sitting down, and getting out of chairs, navigating stairways, and reaching for objects, for example. This level of mobility support can sometimes be physically too much for a family caregiver to provide. Carers from home care companies are fully trained in lifting and handling activities and the best techniques to employ to avoid injury to both the elderly person and them.

Help with mental health and well-being

Overseeing an elderly loved one’s mental health and well-being can be all consuming, leaving family caregivers little time to look after their own needs. In-home caregivers can share this task and reduce the burden on family members. They can help in medication management, ensuing that daily routines are adhered to, and even accompany clients to medical appointments outside the home. Carers from home care companies can also provide much needed companionship, which of course can benefit your loved one’s mental health.

Help with meals

Ensuring that your elderly family member has regular and nutritious meals will help both their well-being and mental health. Family caregivers simply may not have enough time to shop for groceries, create healthy meals and drinks, and oversee mealtimes. Home carers from senior care agencies can work closely with family caregivers to plan out the right type of meals and drinks for a loved one. They can assist in shopping for groceries, prepare and cook meals, and sit with your loved one to make each eating experience and enjoyable one.

Help with housekeeping

Maintaining a home and keeping it clean and tidy really is a task in itself. Family caregivers may often struggle with this task as they juggle with care duties for their loved one, as well as making time for their own needs. In-home carers can help maintain a clean home and perform light housekeeping duties including doing the laundry and changing beds, dusting, vacuuming, and washing the dishes. Having a clean and hygienic home allows an elderly person retain pride in their home and give great comfort.

Closing thoughts…

Being a caregiver to an elderly family member can sometimes be overwhelming and end up being detrimental to one’s own health and well-being. Home care companies can help in a variety of senior care activities that can alleviate some of the burden and help maintain the independence and comfort of a loved one.

If you have an elderly family member you are caring for and think you need more help, then perhaps its time to contact us at Selectacare. Please feel free to get in contact with us today.