Healing From a Stroke at Home With Home Care Services

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel’s obstruction or rupture reduces the brain’s oxygen and nutrients. This interruption causes brain cells to be deprived of essential resources, leading to their damage or death. A stroke is serious, and patients will of course need help in their recovery, and the road to getting better can be overwhelming and scary to navigate.

As you lay in the hospital bed, your mind might be filled with worry about what the future holds for you, especially right after discharge and in the long run at home. The doctors and nurses usually express that with proper care and support, you can make a successful recovery from your stroke. They will often introduce patients to home care services that will enable them to heal in the comfort of their homes. You might not know yet, but these services are crucial in your healing journey. Let’s find out more…

What are Home Care Services?

Once you are discharged from the hospital, you may still receive healthcare services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. You may also choose to receive homecare services from a local home care services company. These qualified caregivers bring with them a lot of experience to help you through the recovery process; it’s like having a supportive extended family right by your side. Caregivers will be able to assist in…

Helping you manage your care appointments:

In-home caregivers can help you manage and transport you to your appointments at hospital, the doctor’s office, support group meetings etc. By doing so they can alleviate the worry and stress, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

Helping you to rehabilitate:

Caregivers from a home care services company will proactively encourage you to adhere to any exercises and routines that have been given to assist you in your recovery. They can supervise and assist you undertake these activities, whilst providing support at the same time.

Helping with your personal care:

After a stroke you may need assistance in many aspects of your personal care, such as bathing, grooming and dressing. Caregivers are trained to provide these kinds of personal services empathically and with care. They understand how important it is for you to preserve your dignity during this challenging period.

Helping you with household tasks:

Maintaining normality in daily tasks around your home may be impossible after your stroke. Caregivers can help with this by undertaking tasks such as laundry, grocery shopping and preparing meals. Knowing that you have support in your home at this difficult time will help you recover quicker.

Keeping you company:

Companionship is key in the recovery process when you may be at your lowest point. Caregivers can provide the company you need to combat both loneliness and inactivity. They will listen and talk to you about your experiences and feelings, help boost your confidence and encourage you to get better.

Providing support to your family caregivers:

Stroke recovery can take time and require a lot of care and support. Having additional home care services can take the pressure and burden off any family caregivers you may have. Professional caregivers can work around your family members to provide in-home care and support when needed.


Home care services help stroke patients maintain their independence in their own homes and are beneficial in the recovery process. Caregivers can assist in so many ways to alleviate the stress and worries of everyday life, allowing patients to concentrate on getting better and achieving normality. Having a home care service can also prevent family members being overwhelmed, with professional caregivers stepping in to take over some of the support.

If your loved one has suffered a stroke and you believe they would benefit from having some home care services, please get in contact with us today. Our home care service company offers a range of services which can be tailormade to your own individual requirements.

If you would like to find out more information on Stroke, please visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada which provides a wide resource of information on stroke and heart disease.